Journey in Bhutan: Himalayan Trek in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

 bhutan-coverExplore deep in the Himalayas, in the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. Walk beside the author along a 100 mile trek through surreal landscapes and knee-wrenching passes at 5000 metres. Meet herders in high summer pastures making cheese from yak’s milk, and hear tinkling prayer wheels spun by waterfalls in remote gorges.

We climb to Taktsang, the spectacular Tiger’s Nest of temples atop a 1000 metre cliff, and visit ancient Kyichu Lhakhang to absorb the sanctity of centuries in the haze of incense, glowing butter-lamps and chanting monks.

ShrineThen hold tight along precipitous hairpin bends to Thimphu and Punakha to witness monastery rituals, and meander through shops offering the world’s most exquisite weaving and carving.

This vivid and lyrical travelogue leads you into Bhutanese culture and history, and with infectious humour, draws the characters of her American and Australian travelling companions. For discerning readers, appendices include a glossary of Dzongka words, a historical timeline and a Survival Guide to Bhutanese Buddhism.

What reviewers say about Journey in Bhutan:

Journey in Bhutan brought me to a world I’d never imagined … astounding description, a detailed and lush understanding of language helped place me there looking over the author’s shoulder.’ Justin Bogdanovitch, In Classic Style magazine

‘An exceptional example of travel memoir … an intelligent, thoughtful and entertaining book that I highly recommend.’ Dionne Lister

‘I connected with the people she met and learnt the power of their spiritual confidence. Wonderful, exhilarating and beautiful. I now long to follow in her footsteps.’ Valerie Poore

‘Trish Nicholson is the perfect travelling companion: non-judgemental, fundamentally observant and warmly fascinated by everything she experiences. She writes beautifully too! For anyone who loves to discover other places and other peoples, you could not do better than this.’ Gabrielle Kimm

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Bharal, native blue sheep of the Himalaya
Bharal, native blue sheep of the Himalaya


Journey in Bhutan