The Versatile Blogger Award – Woo Hoo!

Confession: There is an official logo for the Versatile Blogger Award but I could find no way to make it paste onto this post.  I have posted a lovely New Zealand fern instead and hope everyone will forgive my techi-inadequacies 🙂

Many thanks to Mo Northam,  for passing the baton to me for The Versatile Blogger Award – a truly wonderful surprise that came to me, like all good things seem to, early on a Monday morning!

But it seems there is a price to be paid: I have to reveal 7 seven things about myself that you probably don’t know. Well, as you already know about my technical skills….

Here are 7 revealing things about myself (I hope no psychologists are reading this) :

  • I like to establish routines for everything I do so I have the fun of breaking them


  • Some years ago, I walked…well, staggered to 20,000ft on the northern flanks of Chomolungma (Mount Everest) and realised it was the other 8,000ft that was the real challenge (this also applies to my writing!)


  • Unlike most of my relatives, I can’t draw or paint and found this frustrating until I discovered photography: it’s not the same but for me it’s a do-able alternative


  • I possess only one handbag measuring 25x15x13 cm and containing 17 items – it avoids scrabbling through a bigger mess for things that aren’t there


  • I like my toast well done to within 5 seconds of the smoke alarm. I can recommend this: it develops quick reflexes


  • My favourite souvenirs are decorated eggs: carved wood, stone, glass, feathers, painted, mosaic….nice to hold and easy to transport


  • I have a passion for Gaudi – more accurately his art and architecture. Why?…I don’t know, not everything can be explained J

And now, I have the pleasure of passing the baton of the Versatile Blogger Award to others. Here are some Blogs I enjoy exploring. They each have something different and interesting to offer.

Jacqueline Pye

Rachel Carter

David Sharp

Daisy Hickman

Anne Stormont

Oscar Windsor-Smith

Explore and enjoy! J

Versatile Blogger Awards
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6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Awards

  • May 13, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Mount Everest? I’m impressed but it does rather leave my feat of almost-reaching-the-summit-of-Ben Nevis looking a tad inferior.

    I collect decorated eggs too!

    • May 13, 2011 at 10:32 pm

      Hi Mo, there are more warning signs of dangerous weather etc on Ben Nevis than on Everest though! Glad to find another egg collector – enjoyed your visit.

  • May 14, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Trisha, thank you for mentioning SunnyRoomStudio — so great to know there’s a fan out there! I do hope it’s a sunny reprieve for kindred spirits … and for anyone who wants to read something inspiring. Thank you again and best wishes for the weekend! (P.S. I’m with you on the small handbag/purse idea!) –Daisy

  • May 14, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Thanks so much Trish for nominating me for this prestigious accolade. 🙂

    As ever, though, my life is not like that of others. I can’t have a little psychological boost without Nemesis striking instantly to negate it. Everything on the internet is ephemeral – Twitter most of all and Facebook next in line – and the fact that Blogger is offline (and has been on and off for several days – I believe Mo has had a similar problem) means I can’t capitalise on this. Neither can I reciprocate yet, or indeed read up on the award and its rules (the link to Writers’ Checklist is also out of action. I’ll try to catch up later (really should be working ;0) )

    Thanks again for thinking of me.


    Oscar xxx

  • May 25, 2011 at 7:34 am

    I’m glad if it was useful. We are all learners – all the time.

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