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WYNBcover-webWriting Your Nonfiction Book: the Complete Guide to Becoming an Author

The new book is out –

Do you want to write your travelogue or memoir; have a passion you wish to share; expertise to pass on, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book and not sure where to start or how to make it marketable? My new book will guide you through the whole process – plan, research, write, edit, publish through a range of traditional and self-publishing options, and effectively market - sharing my own methods and showing you how to write engaging narrative nonfiction, more details here>   collca.com/wynb

And you can read a review here in the writers’ and publishers’ ezine Words with JAM >


More new guest posts on excellent blogs worth following:

Join me with writer and artist Ruth Hunt (@prozactaker) in her Writing Process blog series as she asks me: What are the key ingredients of a non-fiction book? http://wp.me/p3kbRo-5n 

What is Narrative Nonfiction? I respond to that question on the blog of writer @Damyantig Daily (W)rite – http://wp.me/paiZD-S7 

On Lorraine Mace’s (@lomace) writing blog, The Writers’ ABC Checklist, I write about resolving conflicting advice to writers - Connectedness is the Engine of Creativityhttp://thewritersabcchecklist.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/connectedness-is-engine-of-creativity.html


Fiction – story craft:

InsideStoriesPbookCover-web ”Inside Stories for Writers and Readers” is now available, published by Collca in digital and paperback editions from a range of outlets, see http://collca.com/is

My favourite review comment: “Each chapter is like taking a master class…it should be required reading in all creative writing courses.” Anne Coates (@Anne_Coates1) You can read the whole review  here  ow.ly/nYWYZ


Other places to find me - current guest posts:

The first in a new series of guest posts, this one, “Keep Your Words“, is for columnist, author, editor and writing tutor, Lorraine Mace (@lomace), posted on her excellent writing blog at the link below:

http://thewritersabcchecklist.blogspot.com/2013/07/keep-your-words.html?spref=tw …

My latest in-depth interview is by Elaine Aldred (@EMAldred). On her blog, Strange Alliances, she weaves together science and the creative arts and has posted some enlightening interviews. “Trish Nicholson’s Unique Window on the World” is here: http://strangealliances.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/trish-nicholsons-unique-window-on-the-world/ …

And crime novelist Jane Isaac (@JaneIsaacAuthor) asked me about the “Literary Influences on My Life and My Writing” – they include Conrad, Steinbeck, Rushdie and Orwell and are explained here >  http://www.janeisaac.co.uk/blog/travel/literary-influences-on-my-life-and-my-writing-by-trisha-nicholson/#sthash.0BOiKY5e.uxfs …

Thresholds is the website of the University of Chichester’s International Short Story Forum (@shortstoryforum), a fascinating site for readers and writers. In their We Recommend section, is my review of a wonderful book of short fiction from all over the world > “Global Cultures: Stories from Beyond Our Daily News” http://bit.ly/166ewN8  If you enjoy short stories, you should not miss this book.

A post on “The Chemistry Between Writer and Reader“, about the concept of ‘voice’ in creative writing, is on the website of F.C.Malby (@fcmalby), novelist and short story writer with an interesting blog. The post is here: http://wp.me/p2I7pC-kJ

Terre Britton (@TerreBritton), artist, author and designer, runs a fascinating and eclectic website called Creative Flux from her base in the USA. I have written for this site a couple of times before, but you can read my new guest post, “Stories Within Stories” here:  http://wp.me/p1X2mv-we

In this next post, I’m talking about my life and writing to Mexican journalist and book lover Nora Vasconcelos (@travelingbook) “A World Connected by Words” >  http://thetravelingbookclub.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/a-world-connected-by-words/

Stavros Halvatzis (@SHalvatzis), writing teacher and bestselling author invited me to write for his blog, my post ”Talking the Story”  is here>   http://ow.ly/o3ae9  an analysis of dialogue and a comparison between film and short story.
And at The Writers College Blog (@writerscollege), another site for great writing resources, is “Four Vital Basics for a Writing Lifehttp://www.writerscollegeblog.co.za/four-vital-basics-for-a-writing-life-by-trish-nicholson/ …

On the website Women Writers, Women, Books, (@WomenWriters) an online literary magazine about contemporary women writers from around the world, a site well worth reading: “Are You a Mole or a Rabbit as a Writer“  http://booksbywomen.org/moles-and-rabbits-in-by-trishnicholson/ … which looks at choices open to authors in the current publishing environment.

Morgen Bailey’s (@morgenwriteruk) website is a fund of information on authors and writing of all genres and she interviews me here >  http://wp.me/p18Ztn-7eH

I am now in The Writers’ Room (@NewsFromTWR)  at the link below:  http://www.thewritersroom.co.uk/page/trish-nicholson-inside-stories-for-writers-and-readers …  along with a lot of wonderful authors, where you can come and talk to me and ask me questions.

For earlier interviews and guest posts on creativity, writing creative non-fiction, and about Bhutan, please scroll down to the bottom.

9 February 2013

FromApesToApps cover 600From Apes to Apps: How Humans Evolved as Storytellers and Why it Matters is out now. The first in Collca’s new ebook series, BiteSize Science.

A cautionary tale  none of us can afford to ignore.

Details and e-retailer options here >  http://collca.com/fata



The treehouse is my favourite spot for dreaming when I should be editing.

An anthropologist, traveller, writer, photographer, most things interest me and I hope you will find something here to interest you, too.

You will find my weekly Friday posts in the Blog but please feel free to wander about, and do visit the treehouse. I hope you enjoy your visit and I welcome your comments.

All images and text used on this blog are my own and are copyright. If you want to use something, please ask. Images inspire my writing; this blog is a way of sharing that inspiration with stories, travel pictures, writing tips, reviews, interviews, and up-dates on my latest work.


Travelogues: My next travelogue is about Papua New Guinea. I Worked there for five years, in West Sepik (Sandaun) Province, which shares a border with Indonesia. I have been through all my journals and photographs of that period, and constructed a true narrative that will let you share the experience of those extraordinary and exciting years as a development worker in the most diverse country on earth – the last frontier of nature’s beauty, danger and challenge.

Currently available travelogues:

Journey in Bhutan: Himalayan Trek in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. It is in the illustrated BiteSize Travel series but quite a big bite at 43,000 words. I enjoyed writing this book so much, I was almost sad to finish it, but now you can share the journey with me. More details and options on my publisher’s page here> http://collca.com/jib

My favourite reviewer quote: “This book should be the gold standard for travel stories.”

Journey in Bhutan: Himalayan trek in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon:  Bhutan, or Druk-Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon), deep in the Himalayas, is the world’s only Buddhist Kingdom. In a combination of narrative and journal, I take you trekking to the sacred mountain, Jhomolhari, and beyond towards the Tibetan border. We visit ancient monasteries and dzongs to learn the culture and history of this unique country, have an eye-ball encounter with a yak, some scary moments in a mini-bus on precipitous roads, and there are 37 original colour plates for you to see it all for yourself. For those who like to dig deep, the appendices include a glossary of Bhutanese words, historical time-line, and survival guide to Bhutanese Buddhism.

"Masks of the Moryons"Masks of the Moryons: Easter Week in Mogpog  is the first published account of the spectacular Holy Week re-enactment of the Legend of Longinus in the traditional town of Mogpog, on Marinduque Island in the Philippines. Published by Collca on November 30 2011, more information is available at    http://collca.com/motm

With 26 original colour photographs, Masks of the Moryons, reveals who the Moryons are, and how these cultural traditions have survived for over 150 years. I take you behind the scenes to experience Moryonan as a participant, to wear the mask, to find out how they are made and what it all means to the community. A glossary, annotated bibliography, and a section on how tourism affects cultural traditions, make this a useful reference for students of tourism and anthropology as well as a pleasurable read.

Other places you will find me: I’ve written a number of Guest Posts recently, and they are all on interesting web sites well worth a visit, so the links are listed below:

With Terre Britton on her blog Creative Flux – an essay on writing travelogue and creative non-fiction: How I Survived Inside a Crocodile http://ow.ly/atFY5

Another piece about creative freedom and not being put into boxes: Switching Gender…er…Genre    http://www.siriuspress.com/studio/2013/02/switching-gender-er-genre/

And my first guest post for Terre was about the creative process and what nurtures it or constains it:

“Dimensions of Creativity”  http://www.siriuspress.com/studio/2011/11/dimensions-of-creativity/ …

For Morgen Bailey  an “author spotlight” on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog – http://wp.me/p18Ztn-2AF

Visiting crime author Jane Isaac on her blog Caffeine’s Not a Crime: ”Author Interview: Meet Trish Nicholson

Talking to Gabrielle Kimm on her gorgeous Renaissance website – “author interview” http://gabriellekimm.co.uk/2012/05/13/interview-with-trish-nicholson/

Lorraine Mace invited me to write a piece for her writers’ blog http://bit.ly/K6ksoS  – an article: Writing Personal Experience”

GotSaga Travel, a fascinating on-line travel community hosted my article: 10 Wonderful Things to do and see in Bhutan http://ow.ly/at021



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