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Latest News:

New release: an exciting, illustrated travel memoir in paperback and digital formats –

Inside the Crocodile: The Papua New Guinea Journals. 

Inside the Crocodile: The Papua New Guinea JournalsA rare insider view of the most culturally diverse nation on earth and the realities of working in isolated development areas.

‘In remote valleys, students build their own schools, babies’ weights are recorded in rice bags and women walk for days carrying produce to market. Inside the Crocodile tells their stories and shares the author’s life in this ‘land of surprises’…’  

And enjoy this mini-trip to Papua New Guinea: 

“An enormously enjoyable book full of touching moments, beautiful descriptive passages and plenty of humour.”  Christina O’Reilly

“A leisurely travelogue with a serious edge.” Phil Fitzpatrick

How much do you know about this ‘Land of Surprises’? 2015 is Papua New Guinea’s 40th anniversary of Independence. Now is your opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary country.

New release:

Journey in BhutanThe popular illustrated ebook travelogue – Journey in Bhutan: Himalayan Trek in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, has been re-published after a brief unavoidable gap, and is now available from your favourite online store.

“A lovely, lovely memoir that made me long to go on this trip myself.”  Valerie Poore


Other News: New release in paperback – 

Writing Your nonfiction Book: the complete guide to becoming an author is now released in paperback, and is available from main online retailers worldwide including The Book Depository (free freight), and from good bookshops in the UK.

Read a review from the writers’ and publishers’ ezine, Words with JAM,  by clicking on the cover image below:

Now in paperback

Now in paperback

Work in progress – 

My work-in-progress is a narrative non-fiction celebration of story and storytelling from a social-historical perspective. Nick-named, with affectionate exasperation, the magnum opus, it is a formidable project requiring massive research – but a labour of love. The idea has been fermenting in my mind for a couple of years and will no longer be put aside.

If my blog posting becomes a little irregular over coming months, you will know why.


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