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The Treehouse is my favourite spot for dreaming. A  writer, photographer, social anthropologist and traveller, I post about all of these topics on the Blog page with articles and photo-essays. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful, and do relax for a moment in the Treehouse while you are here.

Latest News: New release in paperback - 

Writing Your nonfiction Book: the complete guide to becoming an author is now released in paperback, and is available from main online retailers worldwide, and from good bookshops in the UK. For those of you living outside the UK, it is available online from The Book Depository (free freight), and if you are in New Zealand, it is on Fishpond.

And not simply ‘any kind’ of author, but the author of a persuasive, readable and entertaining narrative of facts: the creative or narrative non-fiction that readers and publishers now expect. and to which serious writers, even academics, should aspire. 

Find more information and a review from the writers’ and publishers’ ezine, Words with JAM,  by clicking on the cover image below:

Now in paperback

Now in paperback

Current News: Netherlands and UK workshop tour -

I am now back in New Zealand after an exciting and successful tour leading writing workshops and giving talks in Amsterdam, Nottingham, Bolton, Manchester, Bath and Worthing – 8 events in 7 weeks! The feedback from participants was inspiring, and made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Under ‘writing’ on the blog, you will find posts about the workshops, fiction and non-fiction, and tips on how to design them.

Note: If you missed the events, readings for the talks and practical exercises for the ‘Deep Character’ workshops were drawn from Inside Stories for Writers and Readers, you can read a new review of this resource book here: http://tiny.cc/43hqjx

Current Work:

On submission – 

A travel memoir of the five extraordinary and exciting years I worked in the remote West Sepik (Sandaun) province of Papua New Guinea is currently under submission. Sharing these experiences of the most culturally diverse country on earth has been rewarding and sometimes scary – re-visiting the last frontier of nature’s beauty, danger and challenge. 

Work in progress – 

My work-in-progress is a narrative non-fiction celebration of story and storytelling from a social-historical perspective. Nick-named, with affectionate exasperation, the magnum opus, it is a formidable project requiring massive research – but a labour of love. The idea has been fermenting in my mind for a couple of years and will no longer be put aside.

If my blog posting becomes a little irregular over coming months, you will know why.


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